Saturday, 12 November 2011

Album Review: Licorice Roots - Caves of the Sun

If you bought five ipods, loaded them each with a different T. Rex album, hooked them up to one set of speakers using a mutant audio-out cable, and played them all simultaneously, it would sound like every song on Caves of the Sun - that is, several T. Rex songs playing (semi-discordantly) at once. It is derivative, but mostly good, fucked-up derivative, like a band of possessed teenage girls doing Beatles covers...

…they could be called: Get Back: the Lord Christ Compels You; or Eleanor Rigby Sucks Cocks in Hell; or Revolver (it‘s a thing that possessed people‘s heads do, and, crucially, also a famous Beatles album).

And at least they have chosen to copy T. Rex. Imagine five Darwin Deez songs playing at once, or the combined stench of a dozen rotting James Blake eggs (songs) wafting suddenly and with great potency from the back of the fridge (radio).

The singer sings like Marc Bolan, that is, with a weird British accent distorted through a jowly pout whilst his gag reflex is tickled by a foreign object such as a cat whisker, a plastic Christmas cracker toy that looks like a jelly baby, a finger nail, the key to mother’s liquor cabinet, some semen - not bad enough for a ‘full-on heave’, as Jordon aka Katie Price would say, but enough to put a distinctive catch in his voice. It actually sounds a bit like the voice that baby-loving adults do for adult-loving babies.

Musically, the songs feel on the verge of falling apart, like none of the instruments care very much about what any of the other instruments are doing. It’s good though. It defies you to like it the exact right amount. It’s like a seductive game played by a sexy lady with a slit up her skirt, half-closed orgasm eyelids, tits etc.
‘Can I buy you a drink?’
‘I like your hair - it looks like a sort of ginger waterfall.’
‘You saying I look wet, bub?’
‘Oh no! I didn’t mean--’
‘Take me home.’
‘Take me home.
‘Get outta my sight.’

Women are confusing and impossible to have sex on or with.

I really like Caves of the Sun, despite maybe sounding above like I didn't. Buy it with an amazon mp3 gift voucher, maybe.

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