Sunday, 22 May 2011

Mumford and Sons

England is on the verge of turning into custard and slithering off into the Atlantic like a long yellow snake looking for a nice quiet place to die.

Another iphone playing Mumford and Sons in a municipal park will just about do it; or some pouting college student covering one of their songs at open mic night, a bottle of pear cider placed on the floor between his sweaty man feet - feet that he's just blithely wriggled out of a pair of flip flops, as though he were at the beach, not in a pub.

You just watched the new Mumford and Sons music video on youtube? Now England is custard.

Anyway, they are 21st century hairdressers from London who regularly and inexplicably dress up as 19th century Irish railway navvies in order to play an awful kind of gurning pop music that their management tries to sell as folk/bluegrass to people who have never listened to folk or bluegrass.

And they probably watched the royal wedding on tv and thought it was good.



  2. Haha finally someone agrees with me...