Monday, 20 December 2010

Album Review: Minimal Man - The Shroud of...

Certain types of mould can produce spores capable of infesting the human respiratory system and adversely affecting the personality of he who breathes them in. Symptoms may include: irritability, confusion, periods of extreme lethargy, grape-like growths around the groin, and the leakage of a black oily slime from the tear ducts and nostrils. Minimal Man live in an environment so polluted with such spores that their humanity has been completely supplanted by the collective will of the fungus. This will, or 'spore-sense', is possible to summarise here as: make lo-fi industrial album.

Thinking about it, that is exactly the sort of thing you'd expect a devil fungus to demand of its human host.

If this album had been made by non-fungus-controlled-humans, it might have been a bit embarrassing. As it is, it is great.

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