Friday, 17 December 2010

Album Review: Matteah Baim - Laughing Boy

The spirit of the native American who possessed Jim Morrison in the 60's jumps into the nascent forebrain of the twitching foetus growing inside of Vashti Bunyan’s womb. The foetus will one day become Matteah Baim, who you will know from the Metallic Falcons and the reflected image at the centre of Devendra Banhart‘s dilated pupil. Matteah is raised to be completely cognisant of her paranormal origins by a string of foster families (all fading pagans and hippies), consequently becoming, I should think, a twat. But she’s a twat capable of making nice music. The nice music on Laughing Boy sounds a bit like rotting desert animals, or the sort of spiritual advice that a giant gila monster might give you after you eat your week’s allotment of peyote in one hit and become severely dehydrated. Is the reptile wise, or are you just getting sucked in by the bastard's fizzing magical presence?

There are at least five beautiful songs on the album, which qualifies it as something you could get and not later regret getting.

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